KWONYIN is a Korean-American shamaness,

teacher of yin, and performance artist.

Called the “gentle warrior,”

she is a new global voice for the

divine feminine awakening.

SA RA Kwon of KWONYIN was born in Seoul and emigrated with her family to California where she spent her childhood and young adult years.

Following her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in architectural design and Asian-American theatre, she has lived abroad in London and Berlin, and resides now in LA.

Her spiritual awakening crisis process created a significant pivot in her personal artistic professional life during her 8 year residency in Berlin working as a designer and pop singer. ‘Dark night of the soul’ propelled her into enthusiastic devotion to the healing arts.

She thanks her teachers: Teal Swan on shadow work and Completion Process, Lori McCormick on somatic yoga, Pitaka on the art of self-inquiry, Jason Lamberth on meditation, Ana Forrest on fierce medicine of stalking your fear, Arnold Mindell on dreaming while awake, Grinberg bodywork method, Pearl, Grandmother Ayahuasca, & Goddess Kuan Yin of compassion.

At the beginning of 2018 she re-named herself Kwonyin in honor of her intimate co-creation with Goddess Kuan Yin as her principal spiritual guide and devotion to midwifing the exodus from patriarchal programming towards emotional sovereignty.

you’re here to transmute the shadow into gold.
through compassion and reclaiming your divinity.
our shadows are calling us. let me help you
decode your triggers and set you on your path
towards embodying the full spectrum of your being.

your healing is my healing is our healing.
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