an 8-week groupwork & 1-on-1 online program

OPEN for ALL Asian Pacific Islander womxn and non-binary femmes trans inclusive creatives empaths visionaries revolutionaries-at-heart worldwide!


powerful medicine is brewing for us to come together.

the message i’ve been receiving: LET THE QUIETEST VOICE BE HEARD, i know is meant for us. i feel the call from the deepest part of me, to reach you in your darkest place, and gather us here, to alchemize and transform silence towards ecstatic radical reclamation of your entire being.

what i experienced as a 1.5 generation korean american fem born bent towards an authority not my own, that has kept me quiet, tensely existing alone in a liminal space where it was safer to project a mask and be inauthentic in the world, has also become the source for creating medicine specific to these aches.

i believe the quietest silenced voice in me in you in us contains potent electrifying medicine. to subvert toxic family patterns to subvert your own self limiting concepts. and to reclaim your right to be powerful to be free to take up space to make an impact to know that your desires are meant to be lived. i believe that true liberation work is about dissolving the walls within that has split you off from your truth, your pleasure, your purpose here.

the quietest voice in me has become my greatest ally. i can’t wait to share with you keys through my own initiation processes that has unlocked for me enormous rapturous healing pleasure. but it’s not enough for me to know. in the words of audre lorde “no woman is free until all women are free.”

my vision for us AZN FEMMES: an uprising an activation an awakening of our disowned primordial dragon power, the ancient future volcanic cathartic transmutational surge sweeps through our marrow, reverberates louder and louder as the deepest part of ourselves opens for total emergence our most vital authentic selves coursing through our veins gasping sighing dismantling all the chains constrictions false beliefs we’ve inherited that have hurt us silenced us disempowered us made us overly polite for much too long. 

what could taking up space in the world with your whole self FEEL LIKE LOOK LIKE SOUND LIKE TASTE LIKE





Starts week of September 30 2019

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combines divine feminine energy, shadow work and inner child work to unlock the hidden meaning and origin of your pain.

she helps you locate and understand your ancestrally inherited soul burdens which keep you in emotionally locked states.

her compassionate and gentle work with the subconscious shadow self is key to joining all of your soul parts.

by uncovering traumatic imprints on the emotional body, and re-creating outcomes that the soul needs - your authentic, free and magnetic self will emerge naturally.


inviting APIA womxn and non-binary femmes, trans inclusive creatives empaths visionaries revolutionaries-at-heart stuck at a hard angle ready for some serious self-liberation inner work


*SPECIAL* EARLY BIRD rate if you secure your spot by FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13TH



The Program consists of:


4 Kwonyin 1-on-1 Connection Sessions (90 mins)

4 Kwonyin Group Connection Sessions (90 mins, Sundays 11 am pst, Oct 6, 13, 20, Nov 3, 17)

+ Sessions are held via online Zoom conference

Group Connection Session Syllabus:

group session 1:  Voice, Vulnerability & Power: Unblocking your truth-throat chakra center to access the power of your authenticity. Undoing toxic family power dynamics: momtrauma, expectations, gaslighting, savior-martyr archetypes, etc.

group session 2: Alchemy of Body Shame to Sensuous Sentience :  New embodied approach to transforming shame. we will be working with kwonyin's signature CATHARSIS flower potion co-created with guest flower medicine maker Saewon Oh of SunSong, with a guided meditation on guilt release.

*CATHARSIS potion for emotional alchemy will be mailed beforehand to participants

group session 3: Manifesting your Creative Vision thru Erotic Pleasure: Harnessing your sexual erotic energy center towards your creative vision implementing blue flame dragon energy. Group synergy to support and amplify your vision signal to the universe for inevitable success

group session 4:  Connecting to your inner Divine Masculine in the Emerald Heart Temple: Repairing relationship to your yang masculine and yin feminine energies for sacred union with-in as template for sacred union with-out

*group sessions will be recorded for replay access

1-on-1 session includes:

+ guided grounding to earth divine feminine energy meditation

+ deep dive excavation processes where we access a dreaming-while-awake state to follow your emotional triggers to un-earth buried memories and feelings

+ shadow self inquiry homework

In these sessions, we will go deep into your story, aspects of your life you want to offer for illumination and healing.

we will access a deep state through intuitive guided meditation and i’ll facilitate a process in which we follow your emotional triggers to re-earth buried memories and feelings.

I will be acting as your spiritual ‘midwife’ facilitating the journey your sub-conscious self will offer, and hold space and pose questions to access your fragmented selves.

you will learn how to:

unblock suppressed expression

shift the relationship to your pain into a source of power

decode negative emotional triggers and see them as an invitation to heal

achieve inner democracy as a natural effect of giving voice to marginalized parts within you

journey within yourself to access, reclaim and integrate fractured traumatized soul parts

bring resolve to childhood trauma



choose 1 TO 4 INSTALLMENTS starting from $275



“Every week we unveil something MASSIVE. i blow my own mind the further that we go. this is singlehandedly the most valuable thing i’ve done for myself.

I’m satisfying every part of me that can’t stand where i am.

This work is so much more accelerated intense potent than therapy.

- Sierra

“Kwonyin has helped me feel liberated with every single facet of myself and helped me build a foundation within my own existence I will never be able to lose. I thank Kwonyin for uniting me with compassion for myself so I can be able to do that for others from pure love source.”


“Her warrior spirit is most vivid in her willingness to allow space for the darkness within us to be given all it has ever truly needed — the chance to be fully allowed, compassionately witnessed, deeply heard, closely held and slowly integrated with gratitude for the message it bears.”



“Kwonyin is a wise and respectful healer. her depth and creativity allowed for a deep and wide holding of my stuck pain.”

- Eka

“Thank you Kwonyin for busting me out of some very old cages.”


“I found a way of integrating grief and emotional pain, and to start to treat these neglected and despised parts of my psyche – the places which generated those feelings of hurt, anger, smallness and inadequacy – with the loving attentiveness that they needed.”




“i was born in seoul, korea. my mom was a stay-at-home housewife ex-schoolteacher and my dad an engineer who traveled a lot for work and rarely present until we moved to the States when i was 4, with my older sister. 

life got dystopic witnessing my parents struggle to adjust as new immigrants in America, and in their tumultuous marriage which made life at home feel like a warzone. i was deeply bonded to my mom and sister, and childhood felt like a prison, trying not to be dependent yet having to depend on unstable parents.

i was often afraid, protective, and secretive of my homelife. it was easy to keep my emotional reality to myself as an introvert, as that felt like the only real safe space within myself. i naturally gravitated towards observing human behavior and curiosity towards the hidden nature of people around me.”

read more of her story

performing “She Births Herself” for #NewGlobalMatriarchy 2019

performing “She Births Herself” for #NewGlobalMatriarchy 2019




choose 1 TO 4 INSTALLMENTS starting from $275 !