Releasing the Oppressed Feminine Psyche

a deep 1-on-1, 8 week online program


what is your prison?

what stifles, chokes, threatens, scares, hinders you from being you?

where are you, and where do you go when you’ve been burdened with feelings that you can’t fully grasp, and seem to gain power over you as you try to get on with your life?

the feelings you reject within yourself and in others create distance with people around you and thwart you from progressing towards your desires.

these states can’t be overcome by only conscious efforts to be ‘happy’ and ‘positive’.

this work is about restoring the traditionally devalued feminine principle into new empowered states.

it’s a radically compassionate, revelational voyage in learning how to release, integrate, and finally bring resolve around the emotionally triggering occurrences of your life.

lost in a dark place in the labyrinth but somewhere is a faint glimmer of remembrance or hope that there might be a very good reason and explanation for everything, and maybe this is part of the heroine’s journey - when she descends into the sea of her dark night of the soul where she is initiated through unforeseeable events that challenge her and require her to uncover and resurrect pieces of her self into wholeness again.


combines divine feminine energy, shadow work and inner child work to

unlock the hidden meaning and origin of your pain. she helps you locate and understand

your ancestrally inherited soul burdens which keep you in emotionally locked states.

her compassionate and gentle work with the subconscious shadow self is key to

joining all of your soul parts. by uncovering traumatic imprints on the emotional body,

and re-creating outcomes that the soul needs - your authentic, free and

magnetic self will emerge naturally.


this work is for sensitive, creative, revolutionaries-at-heart who desire deep change & healing.

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The Program consists of:


8 Kwonyin 1-on-1 Connection Sessions (once per week 1-2 hours)

each session includes:

guided grounding to earth divine feminine energy meditation

deep dive excavation processes where we access a dreaming-while-awake state to follow your emotional triggers to un-earth buried memories and feelings

shadow self inquiry homework

In these sessions, we will go deep into your story, aspects of your life you want to offer for illumination and healing.

we will access a deep state through intuitive guided meditation and i’ll facilitate a process in which we follow your emotional triggers to re-earth buried memories and feelings.

I will be acting as your spiritual ‘midwife’ facilitating the journey your sub-conscious self will offer, and hold space and pose questions to access your fragmented selves.

*once we begin the work together, you may notice shifts in your nighttime dreams, heightened synchronicities, lucidity in waking life, creative outbursts, new life pivots, falling away of toxic relationships, weird joy

you will learn how to:

unblock suppressed expression

shift the relationship to your pain into a source of power

decode negative emotional triggers and see them as an invitation to heal

achieve inner democracy as a natural effect of giving voice to marginalized parts within you

journey within yourself to access, reclaim and integrate fractured traumatized soul parts

bring resolve to childhood trauma

+ Sessions are held via online Zoom conference



“Kwonyin has helped me feel liberated with every single facet of myself and helped me build a foundation within my own existence I will never be able to lose. I thank Kwonyin for uniting me with compassion for myself so I can be able to do that for others from pure love source.”


“Her warrior spirit is most vivid in her willingness to allow space for the darkness within us to be given all it has ever truly needed — the chance to be fully allowed, compassionately witnessed, deeply heard, closely held and slowly integrated with gratitude for the message it bears.”



“Kwonyin is a wise and respectful healer. her depth and creativity allowed for a deep and wide holding of my stuck pain.”

- Eka

“Thank you Kwonyin for busting me out of some very old cages.”


“I found a way of integrating grief and emotional pain, and to start to treat these neglected and despised parts of my psyche – the places which generated those feelings of hurt, anger, smallness and inadequacy – with the loving attentiveness that they needed.”