rise of the divine feminine warrior

do you sometimes feel an undeniable sense of something happening deeper that what is seen… but it is ungraspable, unnameable, and frustratingly inaccessible in the normal day-to-day. yet it’s there. you catch its majestic glint in an off moment vacant of thought, in dreamspace, in the presence of a kindred spirit (including your pet) sharing a mutual feeling…

but it’s all too brief, and you’re back to the gazillion things, go this way or that way, stop, no, should i?, i don’t know, nah, hmm, what if?  

which would all be fine, if it also weren’t for another certain something, an unsavory feeling thing, that’s got its claw in you somewhere vulnerable deep underneath the daily to-do’s while maintaining the surface illusion of business as usual. it shows up again and again even after you thought you’ve reached a new level of understanding about life and that you’re in a new place now. maybe you’re even trying to keep everything going louder and faster to try to drown out that certain something. just trying to be happy or even just trying to get by without getting too depressed goddamnit. but it’s back, it’s here again, it hasn’t budged, staring right back at you.  sickening sense of dread pulls you away and makes you want to run, or just melt into a gloop. you quickly get up and change activities or look at your phone so you don’t have to face that thing. but it’s still there…

now…..  what would it feel like to be completely open to life, clear, free, EMPOWERED? a true warrior of the heart who is alive in all senses, pulsating with love radiating light, who knows herself, who knows she is divine, a divine creatrix, who faces her storms and charges towards it, to meet it knowing that she is invincible. she is eternal, she is connected to the Source of her being endowed and equipped with the weapon of the divine warrior - the weapon of transmutation.

if you’re reading this and you feel a tremulous lurch in your heart, it means you’re ready. you’re ready to be initiated as a Divine Feminine Warrior.

What is being a Divine Feminine Warrior about?

* undoing the last two thousand years of Patriarchy from the inside out

* healing the shame of ever having believed that who you are what you felt was not acceptable or not enough

* willing entry into the depth of her ’darkness’ only to come out the other side endowed with pearls of wisdom

* not coping with Life, becoming your own thriving Creatrix

* activating and strengthening your own latent natural power of intuition 

* becoming a master of your inner universe

* ‘combats’ strife of the world by becoming more gentle, more soft, more empathetic, more inclusive, more heart-based

Whatever you’re facing that’s keeping you down - is actually an incredible opportunity. Nothing has gone wrong, but is actually the sign of you birthing a new expanded you, and the pain and discomfort is there as a sign of that.

kwonyin kwon