What is the divine feminine awakening?

it is a collective spiritual-emotional movement that is emerging from the intimate space of our personal Source-connected dreamtime that is calling for a new relationship to our emotions, our bodies, how we connect to ourselves and each other to form a new blueprint of reality. what was ‘asleep’ - the unconscious patterns of control, competition, scarcity, and fear - is awakening a new strong impetus for holistic change.

the divine feminine has been dormant under centuries of oppressive socio-political systems that sought to suppress our natural way of being in harmony with the earth.

the feminine principle - our feeling intuitive receptive source from which all form arises - is re-emerging in parallel to the collapse of the structures that sought to devalue her existence.

What is emotional alchemy?

As alchemy is the process of transforming base material into something very valuable ~ gold! ~ emotional alchemy is the process of transforming difficult undesirable emotions into a source of power and illumination. Understanding the value of emotions by taking time to honor, relate and respond to them in a safe, supportive space is the foundation for allowing the sacred work of inner alchemical transformation to occur.

In daily life we experience the manifestation of unresolved trauma - via what we feel negatively triggered by. Triggers are an emotional flashback for unhealed wounds. these base emotions that we’ve been conditioned to repress, suppress - are valuable and highlighted. emotional alchemy is about allowing those emotions to emerge, be seen and heard so that that can be healed and integrated.

Where does the name Kwonyin come from?

the name is Kwonyin’s declaration as a devotee of Kuan Yin the goddess of compassion. ‘kwon’ also happens to be her family name, in conjunction with her work in strengthening and amplifying our ‘yin’ nature - the receptive, surrendering, yielding energetic principle of the universe.

Why is shadow work effective for conscious manifestation?

Shadow work is about uncovering what you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself. the shadow comprises of everything (positive and negative aspects of yourself) you’ve dissociated from because it was not safe or disapproved to be so in the environment you grew up in. as a result, we learn to be inauthentic out of survival necessity, accrue emotional burdens, and feel disconnected from ourselves and each other.

Uncovering what you don’t know that you don’t know about yourself is useful because this is how you expand your awareness and achieve your desires. at a fundamental level, you are here to experience your unique embodiment and the fulfillment of your desires. when you feel blockaded, this is an indication of a shadow part of you seeking to be resolved.

Shadow work targets the specific aspects of you that need healing.

“you dont have to work on the light - you just have to find out what’s blocking it.”

for example, if you get a broken foot that stops you from walking, you need to tend to what’s injured. we need to treat our emotions similarly.

within our singular identity, we are comprised of many different aspects. we suppress the aspects of ourselves that were disapproved of by our primary caretakers, and these parts of ourselves descend to become the shadow. often in the journey towards trying to pursue our desires, you will notice fears and inhibitions coming up that seem to sabotage your goals. shadow work is KEY in first resolving conflict between your inner parts, who are likely unaware of each other’s needs. allowing space for all of your inner parts to be heard, seen, and understood, so that ALL of your selves are in agreement and on board with what you are setting out to do is when true flow and magical rapid manifestations happen.

how we treat our own self is a microcosm of how you would want the world to feel like. how we treat our own emotions and marginalized aspects is a powerful and effective way for global change.

What is ‘dark night of the soul’?

it’s your life falling apart into a dark abyss, a deep emotional-existential crisis, where what you thought you knew like a rug is being slipped out from under you and you descend to a reality filled with disillusionment, fear, and separation. a lot of people think they are going crazy and it can certainly feel that way. but this trying time is an opportunity to be in the goo of your cocoon to allow the disintegration of all that no longer serves you so that in allowing and honoring this process you can emerge as a butterfly to live out your deeper personal truth - that is an upgraded life experience - which can be very difficult to perceive when you’re actually in the goo of it.

the only way out is through - as a sacred initiation to the next tier of your evolution - this process, though challenging, can be a fascinating enriching rite of passage with the support of being midwifed through this process.

How do I know I’m ready for CATHARSIS? I’m curious but also intimidated.

Feel out where you are currently with the pain you seek resolve with. Imagine yourself in 1 month - 6 months - 1 year - 5 years relative to this issue. What’s not working for you?

pain is useful for awakening to what needs tending to. sometimes pain has to amplify to get our attention so that we finally look at what’s always been there that still needs healing.

are you ready to finally face and integrate what has been a part of you all along?

some common fears:

“i worry that this program won’t work for me. my issues are too deep and impossible.”

how did you first come to think your problems are too much? who treated you as if you were a lost cause. you’ve been conditioned to treat yourself the way others treated you, and this is what we will want to look at - how we internalized the opinions of others who themselves are victims of the same kind of self-denial-hatred that keeps us in a closed loop cycle of unconscious thought patterns that do not serve our highest good and expansion, that keep us in fear of our own shadow.

“what if going into my pain and darkness will only amplify and increase my pain and darkness”

every time you turn towards your pain with curiosity and compassion, you will emerge brighter and lighter with an expanded understanding of yourself. trying to move away from pain and darkness is in itself what sustains the cycle of suffering. with this work, we are reversing thousands of years of conditioning that feeling negative emotions is bad, which is why willingly choosing to feel them is itself so empowering and ultimately liberating you from our collective societal shackles. every time you choose to go into your pain, you will viscerally remember and recognize how powerful you actually are.

“i want to but i don’t have the money.”

yup financial constrictions suck, but how much is it costing you to stay where you are? what is emotional SOVEREIGNTY worth to you? and being in the world without having to lug around heavy self-annihilating shadow everywhere you go. what is the ability to express your TRUTH, to GET WHAT YOU WANT, and be in your divine feminine POWER worth?

i challenge you to rethink MONEY and investing in yourself. we don’t think twice about what we pay for dental work, for example. (i recently got a bunch of work done on my teeth) for the cost of an average root canal, what you get is a life changing root canal for your soul!

i’m here to talk with you when you feel ready and committed to dive in! you can book a call with me where we can discuss payment plans and options ♡