Kwonyin’s work in CATHARSIS is the antidote for the New Age epidemic of spiritual bypassing, or the denial of “negative” emotions, painful experiences and any truth that may be incredibly difficult to swallow. Rather than championing you to find the way “out” through making “positive” changes, she initiates you into the path of the Deep Dive, the willingness to embody the parts of ourselves that are begging to be made conscious. Her warrior spirit is most vivid in her willingness to allow space for the darkness within us to be given all it has ever truly needed — the chance to be fully allowed, compassionately witnessed, deeply heard, closely held and slowly integrated with gratitude for the message it bears.

Several times I have arrive to our session full of self-loathing, harshly judging my experience, wanting desperately to find a way out into a different feeling. Affirmations? Exercises? Tell me what to do, healer. Tell me how to fix it. I came seeking an exit from suffering, and the more I struggled and resisted the waves, the more nauseous and shipwrecked I felt. Each time, she offered me the golden key — do not resist. Embody. Give voice to. Allow. And as I followed her simple, loving advice, I marveled at how the pain within me that I had been struggling so feverishly to “fix” began to melt and shift effortlessly in the presence of my own pure awareness. These are Jedi tools. In helping me change my relationship with pain, she has shown me the meaning of real salvation, liberation and sovereignty — not transcendence, but total embrace. Thank you for your work, Kwonyin!
the most transformative thing i’ve ever done in my life. i’ve done therapists, psychiatrists. but i’ve never experienced a shift in perspective, a coming home to myself. i realized how much i lived my life on what other people want, and rejecting my shadow self. i thought ‘getting better’ was getting rid of those things. i’m a human being, with many different facets and they’re all ok. i don’t know where i’d be without this.
— anonymous
I recommend Kwonyin heartily to anyone looking for a guide in these baffling times. Kwonyin radiates friendly, engaged presence. I felt her vibration of steady companionship and benefitted abundantly from her spiritual power, her humor, her compassion for my human experience, and her gentle, unshakeable, protective guidance. I engaged Kwonyin to help me with something I’ve struggled with my whole life, the type of gnarly, potent theme that affects all domains and levels of life, from the manifest physical plane all the way back to the deeper inner source levels. I felt that Kwonyin was profoundly capable of handling all dimensions of my quandary, and that she is equipped with a variety of tools for engaging at whatever level necessary to help make lasting changes that matter.
— Holly
Kwonyin provided a radically loving and liberating space to be with deep deep sorrows I had not been able to see before, which were weighing me down each day. The space she created, and the way she actively listened and facilitated the uncovering of lost parts of myself, has continued to nourish me months later. It is foundational work which builds a new paradigm for your personal healing. I am now navigating my path with more clarity and with awareness to my own sovereignty. Thank you Kwonyin for busting me out of some very old cages.
— anonymous
my session with Kwonyin changed my life. it was a catalyst to develop an ACTUAL relationship with my inner child meaning a relationship with my REAL SELF. meaning skills to cope in this sick world and deal with the loss and sadness i’ve experienced in my life and the ways its held me back. she’s refreshed my eyes and my connection to myself. she helped me realize i’ve had this power all along DOROTHY!! we need healers like Kwonyin. Kwonyin offering her gifts of healing to the world, we are so lucky. i cant help thanking Kwonyin each time i see her and telling her how much she’s helped me. i’ve gone to a couple of her yoga classes as well and each time a new summit is reached. my reluctant heart opens. i extend my circle and feel more connected to life and the earth and more alive. and i’m more able to help others!! Ive nonstop recommended her to my friends and family. she’s cute and funny too! I cannot recommend this angel enough. she knows how to tell and give you exactly what you need. I felt so protected and seen and COMFORTABLE, especially w doing a video session which i was a litttllllle nervous about. those nerves quickly dissipated. love you Kwonyin!!!!!!
— Luisa
why are there more resources invested in outer space - than diving in the depths of the ocean? is it the pressure, or the darkness that leaves waters unexplored? manifest destiny lookin to- fuck up the next frontier...

I am in gratitude for our shared work -
listening - really listening is a multilayered project/process -
in your listening, you guided me through a creative revisionist drafting -
time travel and shadow play - this is why...

as an brown indigenousness woman - they want to rape me, and make me invisible -
I will not stop remembering, writing, learning, teaching, creating, revising and ....

what I have come to understand is the work is in the spiral - the coming around, and gettin’ down....

the one place the fascist hand can’t touch is my imagination -

thank you for adding to my weaponry and reminding me.

so much love sister.

Joelle Estelle Mendoza
Through the CATHARSIS program I was able to explore the shadow aspects of myself that I have always pushed out of my mind because they were too difficult and painful to think about. Kwonyin offered a safe and a love-centered place for me to dig deep below the drama of my life into the traumas of my past. By seeing the root of my reactions, I was able to understand the source of the majority of my emotional issues. I am sincerely empowered and much stronger because of this experience. For those who are willing to heal on a deep level, I cannot recommend CATHARIS enough
Kwonyin is a profoundly intuitive, gifted and generous spiritual teacher. I have been participating in her program “Catharsis – for emotional alchemy” over the past few months and I have never experienced such concentrated transformation and healing. I am so excited (and terrified) to integrate and celebrate the 8 disowned aspects of self Kwonyin helped me identify and that was just in our final session! If you’re looking for a guide into the realm of shadow-work: someone to help you understand why you do the things you do and give you tools to heal your soul’s wounds, I highly recommend Kwonyin and Catharsis!”
— merkel
Emotions which I couldn’t believe I had kept inside such as disgust, deep disappointment and hatred towards my family all came flowing out of me. The most important gift Kwonyin gave me was the reminder that these emotions were not bad or that I wasn’t bad for feeling or thinking what I did. It was permission and complete acceptance. Pure love. I noticed that I was beginning to make bigger bolder decisions based on excited and moved my heart. I listened to spirit more than my fears, and instead of trying to banish my fears I allowed them and let them coexist with joy, hope and love. I decided to move to where I am living now, a beautiful countryside on an island, exploring and learning about love and connection. Even though I no longer have sessions with Kwonyin, I find myself being gifted again and again by many of the realizations I was guided to through her questions and sharing.
— yong joo lee
Connecting with Kwonyin through CATHARSIS program has been such great support. I was searching for someone who I could see my own self in and Kwonyin encompasses such open divine feminine energy, I felt safe. It was synchronistic that on my second week with her I found out I was pregnant, with this change in motion I accepted a death/birth of my identity and moved cities to be with my partner. Chaotic indeed but I always had her to talk to in the time where I felt most alone. I had suppressed traumas come to the surface for attention, now feeling more necessary as ever, Kwonyin reminded me that dealing with these pains needed to be done before I brought life to this earth. Her insight and listening is beautiful, I find that she draws from the spiritual, emotional and psychological; a trinity of power to heal wounds of trauma.
— Kristina
I met Sara through a mutual friend in Berlin two years before I started her Emotional Alchemy house. I knew her as a teacher of yoga, although I’d never been in one of her classes. Then earlier this year through her social media posts, I learned that Sara had become Kwonyin, shamaness and healer.

I follow a lot of social media. Yoga teachers and other spiritual and wellness practitioners mostly seem to publish a relentless diet of positivity focused on the benefits that their practices can bring. Presumably this is because it’s what they feel their audience is most comfortable with hearing about - the promise of optimising lived experience.

Kwonyin’s posts were different. In words and images they talked openly about the uncomfortable, darker sides of ourselves. The thoughts and feelings that we have trouble fully confronting even with ourselves, let alone with another person. Things like emotional trauma, that sense of being not quite right in one’s skin, the double pain of unacknowledged past hurt. Kwonyin talked about difficult emotions as an opportunity for self understanding and growth, not something to run away from. She foregrounded her own experiences of hurt and vulnerability and her overcoming of these, and somehow she did it in a way that did not seem gratuitous, but authentic and fearless. Whatever it was that enabled her to be like this, I wanted some of it.

Her message resonated with me at this particular point in time because I was looking for a way to integrate my own unresolved pain. Three years ago my best friend Aaron had died suddently (best friend actually doesn’t begin to describe his importance and all that I gained from our nineteen year friendship.) After his death I had moved country and tried to start a new life. New places, things and people had come into my life, but I couldn’t shake my grief. Grief stalked me from London to Berlin. I sat it out and waited for it to go away. It didn’t. While I tried to latch on to new things, activities, people, it wormed its way into the fabric of my life and spilled out in unexpected and strange ways.

A friend said to me that grief is like being alone at sea in the middle of huge and frightening waves, and I know what that image means. I never knew what depths of feeling were in me. The aftermath of my friend’s death has been the hardest experience in my life to date. Grief is particularly hard because it is an journey that we largely undergo alone, and because it’s impossible to fully know from the outside what is happening inside a person undergoing grief. It’s brutal.

In our first session, Kwonyin guided me into the intense emotions of loss and aloneness that I perceived as the source of my pain. She asked me to feel these feelings fully - what I would normally instinctively avoid doing because I felt I would be crushed under their immensity. This session enabled me to recognise these feelings as a part of myself that I needed to give my care and attention to, and to realize that the intensity of my pain was caused by my shunning and running away from it. In this and the subsequent sessions with Kwonyin, I found a way of integrating grief and emotional pain, and to start to treat these neglected and despised parts of my psyche – the places which generated those feelings of hurt, anger, smallness and inadequacy – with the loving attentiveness that they needed.

Kwonyin talks about the notion of an ‘inner ‘democracy’. Because, just as there are voices that have been historically suppressed and excluded from human society, so also there are parts of ourselves that we have been conditioned to suppress and exclude. All of these parts need to be given a voice and listened to, for us to become whole again. When I give these parts of myself a voice and hear them, I am participating in this inner democracy of feeling. I am asking these ignored, hurt, angry parts of myself what makes them feel so, and in doing so getting to the roots of my feelings, and integrating my fragmented self.

I cannot overstate just how subtle and profound the shift in me that Emotional Alchemy has helped to catalyse. Since Aaron’s passing, I had felt a bottomless sense of loss in myself. All of the best personal attributes and memories I associated with him, it seemed, were permanently gone from my life. Much of the raw pain of loss was the thought that these things were gone forever, that this feeling of loss would never leave me.

It isn’t that I no longer feel the pain of the loss of my friend, and the threads of other psychic trauma that this loss connects to. Rather, our sessions have helped me to begin the process of integrating the hurt, grieving part of me with the rest of myself. I’ve become able to fold my experience of loss into my life – as an essential and unavoidable part of what it is to be human. Instead of being an open emotional wound, it has become a source of strength, of compassion both for myself and for others. During our time in this world we will all experience loss. Where there was a seeming permanent split in me – between happiness and sadness, love and loss, before Aaron’s death and after – now there is flow. I feel the pain and the joy of what it is to be human, at the same time.
— Rowland
Kwonyin’s support allowed me to dive deep and release many emotional blockages that were lurking in my subconscious since childhood. The space that she holds for catharsis is something incredibly special. The meditations at the beginning of each session set up a safe and open environment for transformation. I felt as though she was there with me, walking through my subconscious, helping me to see, hold, and understand the emotions that arise and need love. Working with her has actually changed my life. I feel like a more competent human, like I am able to handle what arises for me in a way that is positive and healthy. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of myself since working with you. I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with her.

I appreciate her, she is an incredible light in the world.
— Sam
since CATHARSIS, my dream scenes have changed from night to dayllight. I look at myself and feel like this is the person I’m supposed to be. As in the bathhouse scene from Spirited Away when the monster is in the tub, with the crazy stuff washing off all around, steamy and wonderful - sessions feel like that.
Kwonyin’s combination of guided meditation, talking therapy and practical techniques enabled me to begin this work of integration, even to make these apparently unbearably heavy things into tools of enlightenment. Her help is practical, real and kind. It’s powerful stuff.
— Kristina
dearest kwonyin,

thank you deeply for reflecting back to me the transformational power and beauty that lies in the depths of my shadows. you created a space that was non-judgemental of anything that was rising to the surface, and where deep healing work was understood to be for the highest good of our ancestral lines and collective consciousness. it’s fills my heart to know that i took a chance on this course and your wondrous guidance! now i carry with me more tools to commune and be in power with my emotional intelligence, in lieu of being content with silencing the parts of me that have been fractured.
— catherine
kwonyin’s catharsis sessions changed my life in a way i’d been looking for for a long time. from the very first session, i was cracked open and brought back to moments in my childhood that solidified what it meant to be good or bad, loved or unloved; i had never recognized how attached i was to those meanings, although it felt so simple once kwonyin helped me uncover those internalizations. kwonyin was an amazing space holder for each session, allowing me to be exactly how i was - excited, emotional, full of grief, sleepy, struggling with being present...i felt totally unjudged and allowed to be exactly how i was, which was revolutionary. the writing exercises each week were profound and i’ll be doing them again and again moving forward to learn more about the layers of myself. we opened each session with a wonderful grounding meditation and laid out what we would be focusing on organically and with flexibility, opening doors as we went, being curious about our dynamic and what was coming up for both of us. i incorporated tarot into each session, which was really cool - to me, kwonyin is a true magician/moon archetype, combining the yin power of diving super deep into our dark uncharted waters and exploring our internal caverns with the yang energy of the magician, pulling from the heavens and the earth to create something totally new - these sessions each felt like a birth, and kwonyin was an amazing doula. moving forward, i feel empowered, curious, tender, and ecstatic about what i’ve learned and all the tools i have now that i didn’t before to uncover what’s ready to be seen every day of my life. i’m honored to have been a part of this journey with kwonyin and recommend it to basically everyone i know. <3
— ruby
Kwonyin is a healing arts superstar. She creates a space where you feel OK to look at that stuff you’ve really been afraid to look at. In her space, you actually begin to feel curiosity about your deepest healing issues. You feel grounded and supported as you open the door with the skeletons inside. I mean, if you have to scream out loud, Kwonyin is the absolute best person to scream with! She has the incredible endurance, patience, swift insight, compassion, and grace to get you moving in the dark place. She asks the right questions that allow for gentle shifts in perspective. You know throughout the whole process that you’re being led back to yourself, back home, and that it’s really safe to go there. The gift of this kind of space holding is rare and Kwonyin has it in spades.
— grace